A great way to start saving.

Share savings accounts are the most basic accounts we offer and a great way to start saving. All of our share accounts pay quarterly dividends when you maintain an average daily balance of $250 or more. There are no monthly service fees for maintaining a share account, and you can make deposits at any time through payroll deduction, in person, through the mail or by transferring funds using MetroWeb or MetroWeb Mobile.

Primary Share Account - By opening a primary share account, you establish your membership in the credit union. We call it a share account because the first $5 you deposit represents your ownership stake in the credit union — one share. As long as you maintain at least $5 in your Columbus Metro account, you are eligible to utilize and/or apply for all the great products and services we have to offer. Maintain an average daily balance of $250 or more throughout the quarter, and you'll earn dividends at a competitive rate.

Secondary Share Account - Secondary share accounts allow you to save for a specific purpose and keep those funds separate from your primary share account. You can have up to four secondary shares per account. Best of all, you can choose the name for each secondary share you have — to help you remember why you're saving in the first place! Like a primary share, a secondary share account earns dividends when an average daily balance of $250 or more is maintained throughout the quarter.