Save for two of the year’s most enjoyable events.

Columbus Metro's Club Accounts help you save for two of the year's most enjoyable — and expensive — events: the holidays and your summer vacation. Save throughout the year, and we'll automatically transfer the funds to your primary share account on predetermined dates.

Club accounts pay quarterly dividends, and there are no monthly maintenance or early withdrawal fees. It's also easy to make deposits on a regular basis or when you have extra funds available: you can do so in person, through the mail, through payroll deduction or by using MetroWeb or MetroWeb Mobile to transfer funds.

Christmas Club - A Christmas Club takes the stress out of paying for holiday gifts, entertainment and travel. Make deposits to your account throughout the year, and on November 1, we'll transfer the entire balance to your primary share account.

Vacation Club - A Vacation Club account is a great way to plan a summer getaway. On May 1, the balance in your Vacation Club account automatically transfers to your primary share account.