Start your teen off right with Claim Your Youth.

Claim Your Youth is designed to help teens manage their finances and provide them with a solid foundation for financial success.

For our members age 13 to 17, Claim Your Youth features a quarterly newsletter and a website with information and interactive tools to help them achieve their financial goals. You can also introduce your teen to the basics of financial management with many of the credit union's products and services. Checking accounts, debit cards and more are now available to our teen members who have a joint account with a qualified parent, grandparent or legal guardian.

Teens who already have their own account are automatically enrolled in the Claim Your Youth program. If your teen doesn't have an account yet, bring them in to open one today. Just $5 opens his or her share account and provides access to Claim Your Youth and all it has to offer.

Products and services for teens

Start your teen off right by teaching them how to use the financial products and services they'll need in the future. The following products and services are available to our teen members — you decide which services are right for them:

  • Primary Share Account This is the first account anyone has with the credit union. Once a primary share account is opened with $5, your teen is automatically enrolled in Claim Your Youth. They'll also earn dividends regardless of their account balance, so they can see the benefits of saving right away!
  • Online Account Access Teens can keep tabs on their account with MetroWeb and MetroWeb Mobile.
  • Checking Account Teen members are eligible for our Metro Free checking account . It's just $25 to open with a parent or guardian as joint owner on the account. Teens can also apply for a Debit MasterCard ® and free online bill pay.
  • ATM Access Get cash 24/7 with our Debit MasterCard®. Teens with a checking account can also use their debit card to make purchases at any merchant that accepts MasterCard debit.
  • Direct Deposit If your teen works for a company that offers direct deposit, they can contact their human resources or payroll department to sign up — all they'll need is their account number and Columbus Metro's routing number, 244077226.
  • Education Growth Fund Certificate Parents and teens alike can save for college expenses with our Education Growth Fund Certificate, which pays monthly dividends at a variable rate of Prime - 2%. An account can be opened with as little as $250, and then additional deposits of any amount can be made at any time. When your teen turns 18, the funds automatically transfer to their savings account.

For more information on any of these services, call, stop in or email us today. We'll be glad to answer any questions you may have and discuss ways you can help your teen get started on the road to financial success.



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