The easy, secure way to receive payroll and benefit checks.

There’s no more waiting in line to cash your check, and no need to worry about ID theft or mail fraud. Your funds are deposited in your Columbus Metro account on if not before the payment date.

To get started, contact your human resources or payroll office. If you receive payments from any of the following federal agencies, you can arrange for direct deposit by phone:

  • Social Security and SSI, call 800.772.1213
  • Department of Veterans Affairs, call 877.838.2778
  • Military retirees, call 800.321.1080
  • Office of Personnel Management (civil service), call 888.767.6738
  • Railroad Retirement Board, call 877.772.5772.

You’ll need to provide the representative you speak to with Columbus Metro’s routing number, 244077226, and your Columbus Metro account number.

Build your savings and make loan payments automatically.

We make it easy to pay yourself first and make your loan payments on time every time. Once your funds are deposited to your account, we can automatically transfer funds to make your payments or add to your Christmas or Vacation Club, IRA or other savings accounts. Once you set up direct deposit, call us at 614.239.0210 or 800.986.3876 and we’ll help you set it up.


Direct deposit - the safest, easiest way to get Social Security or SSI.